Vintage Adventure in New Hope, PA

This past weekend I decided I needed to hit the road for an adventure and to find some inspiration. I of course dragged with me the one person who is always up for an adventure, my cousin / sister / best friend / lifeline,  Jen! "Road Trip" is probably her favorite phrase on earth, say it, and she's already in the car with snacks and tunes. So New Hope, PA was the destination, I've heard such great things about the town and I had to go and visit!  

We stumbled into a handful of amazing antique stores all with very passionate owners who have invested so much time in understanding the history behind the items in which they are selling. They shared these incredible stories that were tied to the smallest of objects, and to me that is what's so alluring about vintage. The smallest and insignificant of objects carry the largest and most significant stories. The owner of one shop took the time to gather around a group of customers to tell a story about a piece of jewelry (of course I'm the culprit who sparked story time in this shop). He told us, the back story about a tiny ring that was created as a memorial by the husband of a woman who was Jane Austen's best friend. Romantic much?

We spent a long time in these stores, really admiring the interesting pieces that were carried. Although it was freezing cold out, having the opportunity to walk around and just take in the sights of this town was very refreshing. During my visit to New Hope I was unsuccessful at finding any vintage clothing, however, I picked up a 1958 book titled "Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris" from Cryer's. It's a story about a woman who very much wanted a gown from the House of Dior and her adventure to obtain it. I had to have it!

So on our way home from New Hope we took the Lambertville Bridge to get back into New Jersey. I did not have a single clue that Lambertville, NJ was just as gorgeous and enchanting as New Hope! I saw a sign for a vintage shop just off of Bridge street, and that's all I needed to stop the car and find parking. Jen and I walked into this a gorgeous and well curated vintage boutique where every piece you picked up was something you wanted to wear immediately. So naturally I was in heaven. Let me tell you, I have been in quite a lot of vintage boutiques and this store was nothing short of incredible.

I Instantly could tell that the owner had a veteran eye for design and construction. After introducing myself to the owner, she took us around the store and showed us a few of her favorite pieces. Then, she casually led us to the back of the store and parted this curtain that exposed the store's stunning bridal suite filled with vintage lace, tulle, and one of a kind pieces. In the hour that I spent in the store, I learned so much about design and her point of view on styling vintage in a modern way! I literally felt as though I met my fairy vintage godmother. I will definitely visit again.

So all and all I had a great visit to New Hope, PA and a spontaneous stop in Lambertville, NJ. They are both towns that are beautiful and perfect for a day trip or bed in breakfast stay! Great shops, awesome people, and amazing restaurants. Definitely worth the drive! 

Have you visited any of these towns? What's your point of view or recommended places to go? Leave a comment lets discuss! 


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