10 Ways I Practice Self Care

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I feel like In this day and age we all have our schedules jam packed and when things get overwhelming we push our personal needs to the back burner. As a mother, I find that it’s even harder to put my needs first but it is so important for your well being to do so. I’ve made it more of a habit to take the time to refuel and recharge so I can be the best version of myself for my family. Even though the term “self care” seems so fancy, it really doesn’t have to be. Self care can be as simple as taking 20 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea outside and it can make all the world of difference! So here are the 10 ways I currently practice self care.

  1. Exercise: I always make sure I get a few good workouts in during the week and it really makes me feel good about myself.

  2. Take time for prayer: Each day I make sure I spend time praying and really focusing on the things that I’m grateful for! After praying my mood is always uplifted and light.

  3. Wake up early and enjoy quiet time: I’m not a morning personal at all so it’s hard for me to wake up early but I’ve been making the attempt to! Since I’m home with Amira 24/7 the only time that I can really take a moment to myself is in the early morning. So waking up early, enjoy the quiet morning, a HOT cup of coffee, and planning my day really makes me feel great.

  4. Get a manicure: I’ve religiously kept my gel manicure on my schedule since Amira was born. This my hour to pamper myself and relax!

  5. Have a coffee or dinner with a friend: When I get the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends it really refuels me. I missed girl time so much during the newborn stage of Amira’s life! Once I was able to get back into consistently, it really made all the difference and helped me feel more like myself again.

  6. Massages: Getting a massage every now and again helps relieve so much tension and stress for me. As a mother, you’re carrying your child a lot, not sleeping really great, maybe not stretching as much as you should, and you’re just overall TENSE. So relieving that is so important!

  7. Skincare: I recently started taking my skincare game seriously and I’ve found that masks, ice rolling, and using quality products really makes1 me feel good. My skin wasn’t the same after I had Amira and it was really bringing my self-esteem down. I wanted to change that so now I invest the time in to care for my skin!

  8. Social Media Detoxing: My job as a social media consultant and a blogger makes it hard to take my eyes off of the screen. I found myself getting a bit crazed over follower counts, likes, editing, comparing, and sharing so much that I felt it was negatively impacting my day. So I make sure to turn my phone off for an hour each day to just focus on the present!

  9. Enjoy a glass of wine: Some may not agree that alcohol is considered self care but I do. For me it is a nice treat after a long day (obviously not every day)! Once the house is clean, dishes are put away, my work is complete, and Amira is sound asleep I like to enjoy a glass with my favorite TV show or book!

  10. Eat healthy not diet: I love fueling my body with the nutrients it needs and it makes me feel great to do so! However, I also think it’s important to not be restrictive. For me, I feel best when I feel like my diet is balanced!

How do you practice self-care? Leave a comment below!