10 Baby Topics I Googled For Help


The most shocking part abut having a baby (in my opinion) is everything that they don't tell you and how much "winging it" is involved. I took hospital classes and read a bit here and there but there was just so much that I didn't know (and still don't know). When Amira was born I remember being home and thinking "now what" haha we had NO CLUE what we were doing. So of course I had to resort to good old google for some answers! Here are the top 10 baby topics I googled for help!

  1. When is the best time to use a breast pump?
    I remember how overwhelmed I was by my pump the first time I opened the box. There were so many parts and the instruction manual gave me a legit headache so I put off using it for about a month after Amira was born. Once my supply came in and I was ready to start introducing bottles I needed to figure out when I could fit a pumping session in my day. So of course I googled and came across this article that was SUPER helpful!
  2. How often can you bathe a newborn baby?
    We knew that once Amira was born we couldn't bathe her everyday but I had no idea if we should do it every other day or every 3-4 days! We landed on every 2-3 days when she was a newborn and gradually increased it to every other day. Now Amira is bathed daily and it hasn't affected her skin!
  3. Can a baby sleep in a Rock n' Play overnight?
    This is a super controversial topic because there are so many opinions on this (which are all extremely valid). Even though we didn't want her to rely on the Rock n' Play, we desperately needed some sleep after failed attempts at bassinets. Obviously it's BEST to ask your pediatrician for their recommendation on this topic but before we got the chance, to we took to good old google for answers! We ended up letting her sleep in the Rock n' Play for only 3-4 weeks before transitioning her back to a bassinet then eventually to her crib for all sleep.
  4. Can you drink wine while breastfeeding?
    To be honest the first few weeks after Amira was born I didn't want to drink at all. I didn't even know how I could drink without passing it to her since she was nursing SO MUCH. Once she started sleeping longer stretches, mama got her wine back haha! I googled the best alcohol test strips to use (these are great) and how long alcohol stays in your system before you can nurse again! Here's a great article.
  5. When do babies sleep through the night?
    LOL this is one of those topics you google when you're so sleep deprived you can't even handle it. The short answer is babies sleep through the night when they are ready, not when we want them to. Amira still doesn't sleep through the night but I'm thankful for the 8 hour stretches we get nightly (which didn't happen until 5 1/2 months)!
  6. What is considered a fever for a baby?
    I remember I took her temperature once when she was about a month old and it was like 99.5 degrees (fahrenheit) and I had a heart attack and called the doctor so fast! While waiting for her to call me back I googled and apparently anything over 100.4 degrees (fahrenheit) is considered a fever LOL. Google does not take the place of a medical professional OBVIOUSLY but it helped me calm down for a second until I got a call back! I will always call my doctor when I feel like I need medical advice and I don't care if I'm "that mom". 
  7. What is the 4 Month Sleep Regression?
    This was the most difficult time for us in the past 6 months, I wrote about it here. I googled about the 4 month sleep regression so much I swear I'm a borderline expert. 
  8. How long can my baby be awake for during the day?
    Having a nap schedule is important for a baby but it will change so much in the first year as they develop! I always wanted to make sure I wasn't keeping Amira up longer than she should be so I found this article to be a helpful gauge of awake times for babies according to their age. 
  9. What are the best gentle sleep training methods?
    Another controversial topic that I may write more about my personal experience with. However, after Amira's 4 month sleep regression her nightly sleep got so bad that we had to implement something because she wasn't getting the proper sleep she needed for her age AT ALL. We were using so many sleeping props (rocking, nursing, pacifier, etc) that she couldn't fall asleep without them which was causing her to wake up every hour. I googled what the most GENTLE sleep training methods were that didn't involve letting your baby cry it out and closing the door until the morning (more commonly known as total extinction method which was NOT for us). We ended up using a sleep training method that Lynzy from Lynzyandco.com used for all three of her children (check her instagram stories highlight if interested). She worked with a sleep training company called The Cradle Coach and was recommended this method (may not work for everyone but did for us). Her youngest is the same age as Amira!
  10. Which solid foods should you introduce to your baby first?
    So we just recently got the green light to start giving Amira solid foods! It's an exciting time for her and we wanted to make sure we're introducing foods to her correctly. Our doctor gave us the usual "one new food a week after rice cereal" convo but I wasn't even sure how/ when or what foods to start with after that! So I've been googling a lot about and really found help in this article. Will write a blog post about our experience as we go through it!


What are some baby topics you googled? Leave a comment below!