How to Style Overalls For Spring

Spring on the east coast has been really weird and completely non existent which has been so annoying (hence the reason why this outfit is shot in my BEDROOM LOL). Every single day the weather is something different so I haven't really been motivated to finish my spring shopping and put together new outfits just yet. I truly feel like we're just going to skip spring all together this year. 

I recently purged my closet to the point where I left myself with 25 pieces and so I've been remixing my old favorites A LOT! I have had these overalls in the back of my closet for god knows how long and for some reason I just couldn't get rid of them during my purge. I really wanted to challenge myself to come up with a cute spring outfit using them (and whatever I had left in my closet). I wore this non-maternity top when I was pregnant last year and I'm still in love with it now! When you take a step back, decrease the clutter, and edit down your closet you'll truly surprise yourself with what goodness you can come up with! 

Thinking about editing down your closet and starting a capsule? Read this post & this post to get started! 

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